Dynamic DNS service (DynDNS)

Use our Dynamic DNS service if you would like to host your own web server, mail server,
ftp server, etc. but you do not have a static ip. Combine the power of dynamic DNS
with a site monitor for a free failover solution.

Please watch our flash tutorial if you need assistance configuring the DNS control panel.


Set the TTL's of your zone's A records low, like 180 seconds. We will allow settings as low as 5 seconds but
anything lower than 180 seconds and caching name servers may ignore this time and just slow things down.

Dynamic DNS Update API

You can use our API to make dynamic update to your DNS A records.


Supported request types

  • GET or POST

While our API supports both GET and POST, we recommend POST for better security.

API Variables

uname		username as registered with our system   64 character length limit
password encrypted MD5 password hash. 64 character length limit
dynid record ID for the A or PTR records you'd like to update. Multiple IDs can be updated in a comma delimited list. 255 character length limit
ip IP address for this record. If "remote" is submitted as the value, we will use the client ip.

GET Update String:


Our API requires that your password is encrypted. You can use this form to encrypt your password.



Update Responses

Successful DNS Update.

=Successfully Updated=

A record IP is already up to date.

=IP Current=

DynID is incorrect.

=Access Denied=

Login is incorrect.

=Authentication Failed=

Dynamic DNS Clients


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